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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Optimize your computer ..... series contd.


Speeding Up Your Pentium 2 by 50%

A real killer to the system's performance is Windows Media Player. Although it may look desirable and fancy with its rounded off edges and 3rd-Dimensional appearance, the truth is, it takes up a large amount of that precious processing power.
            If you run the task manager, and click the Performance tab along the top,
you'll see that when Windows Media Player is running and nothing else is active, it takes up around 50% of the processors power. Once these visualizations are turned off, it barely takes up 2-3% of the processors power, which leaves much more room for other applications to work efficiently.

Here's how to disable the feature:
·  Open Media Player.
·  Make sure the Now Playing tab on the left is selected.
·  Click the View menu along the top.
·  Go down to Now Playing Tools.
·  In the sub-menu that has just 'popped-out', uncheck Show Visualization.

Now, this should substantially decrease the processor consumption and leave more for your own softwares to use.

Speed Up Detailed View in Explorer

If you like to view your files in Windows Explorer using the "Details" view here is a tweak to speed up the listing of file attributes:

Viewing files in Windows Explorer using the "Details" mode shows various attributes associated with each file shown. Some of these must be retrieved from the individual files when you click on the directory for viewing. For a directory with numerous and relatively large files (such as a folder in which one stores media, eg: *.mp3's,*.avi's etc.), Windows Explorer lags as it reads through each one. Here's how to disable viewing of unwanted attributes and speed up file browsing:
·  Open Windows Explorer.
·  Navigate to the folder which you wish to optimize.
·  In "Details" mode right-click the bar at the top which displays the names of the attribute columns.
·  Uncheck any that are unwanted/unneeded.
Explorer will apply your preferences immediately, and longs lists of unnecessary Attributes will not be displayed. Likewise, one may choose to display any information which is regarded as needed, getting more out of Explorer.
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