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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Internet Browser Problems..... series contd.


Whether you use Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera or Safari, all Internet browsers have their own inherent issues. From slow load times to missing plug-ins, there are plenty of issues that can be had with Internet Browsers of all sorts.
Following can be the problems with the Internet Browsers:
·          Slow Loading
Slow loading of your browser can be because of the multiple Add-ons as well as the unwanted Tool-bars.

·          Freezing
Your browser might lock up sometime while you are doing any online transaction or visiting any social networking website, chatting to your dear ones in face book. Nothing could be frustrating than this. The main reason for the freezing of your browser is the low virtual memory.
·          Crashing
 If your Internet browser crashes (closes down without any reason) while playing online games or surfing the web for any other important reasons. Spy wares may the reason to fed you up and lead you to purchase a new computer. But after some time your browser again crashes down and you got to know that throwing out your old computer is not the solution of your problem. Give us all of your problems and we will take care of them.

·          Missing Plug-Ins
 Facing difficulties in playing any online video in You-tube or you find a red x in place of a picture while surfing the web. Then you have probably missing plug-ins or add-ons like JavaScript, Adobe Flash and Active x.
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