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Thursday, March 17, 2011

HelpPcOnline: Optimize your computer ..... series contd.


May be your PC is not the latest, but it does not mean it’s useless.

A common misconception is that by installing anti-virus software on your machine you are doing everything that is required in order to protect your computer and resolve all your computer problems.  Problems that can Freeze or slow down a computer are so numerous that you can troubleshoot for a very long time and never find the cause. Such PC speed killers or computer problems include: incorrectly configured antivirus software, low memory, too many background services running, a fragmented hard disk, or network congestion and these are just the well-known problems.
Besides them following are the probable reasons behind your computer running slow.
- Startup overload.
-Can’t delete files.
-EXE Error.
-DLL Error.
- Too many processes running at the background.
- Spywares.
- Bad or corrupted Registry entries.
- Poor or multiple existence of security software.
- Too many windows and temporary files.
- Missing windows updates or outdated drivers.
- Left over programs and files.
- Corrupted files.
- Low virtual memory.
- Improperly configured BIOS. 
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Richard Armitage said...

Tried a couple of steps but wasn't able to make much sense to me as I am not that good with computers.