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Saturday, March 26, 2011

HelpPcOnline: Free 15 MINUTES SUPPORT by HelpPcOnline

HelpPcOnline: Free 15 MINUTES SUPPORT by HelpPcOnline: "
Have you ever felt that even after investing in the best of the computer models in the market, it fails to give even a no..."


John Mills said...

The free support I got from Helpconline was really good.I wish I would have know about them earlier instead of going crazy over my slow computer.Thank you Helppconline.

Ernest Reader said...

I agree with you John.I was afraid when I got a call from Helppconline regarding my computer and I did not want them to do anything as I told them I cannot afford it right now.The insisted I take the free 15 min support and call them back once I was ready to go ahead with them.The technician Jay was really helpful.I will surely join helppconline.

Andrew said...

This company is incompetent at best but probably a con.
After my wife got several calls from this company I decided to find out what it was all about. I created a clean virtual XP machine and a few days later got the call. Apparently my computer had problems so they took me through starting event viewer and claimed my 71 events were a problem (3 warnings the rest we information messages). I work in IT, I've build and maintain test systems for a large bank so I know what 'events' are a problem and what ones are not. These guys just want your money but I suspect the average 13 year old could do just as much for you.