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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Internet Trouble Shooting Tips

At times, inspite of having the correct IP and a perfect connection, PC repair seems necessary because our internet problems persist. Here are a few internet trouble shooting tips to help you look after your PC before you decide to place a call to the technician.

Internet Trouble Shooting
  •     Though most of us ignore this, the incorrect settings of a broadband router may be responsible in making your connection slow.
  •       Signal interference from household appliances may affect the performance of your PC making it resend the same signal over time to overcome signal hitches.
  •      Malicious programs like Internet worms may be generating traffic without your knowledge thereby causing the need of PC repair.
  •       Background applications may slow down the performance of your PC. It is ideal to shut down all such applications before starting an internet trouble shooting process.
  •        Faulty modems, cables, and routers may also be contributing negatively to your computer’s speed.

     Most importantly, it is the service provider that determines the speed of the internet. If there is a problem with the configuration of the network or if there are technical glitches; it is only logical that the internet speed will suffer. In such cases, it is better to consult qualified technical help from websites like Help PC Online for PC repair so that your computer starts improving its performance and you do not lose out on the important data and information stored in it.